Kulturhistoriska Förening

Since 1917, TKF has worked for documentation of the local cultural heritage, and has supported research and museum activities. TKF has, for example, partici- pated in marine archaeological projects. Some of the results of the work can be seen at the Västervik Mu- seum. The association annually publish a book with articles on maritime history, as well as the cultural life and history of Västervik and the surrounding archi- pelago. The association has also sponsored several books.

Västerviks museum

The main task of the Västervik Museum is to make the rural heritage in Tjust available to a general audience. At the museum area you will find a boat as- sembly, a lookout tower and several old buildings. The museum offers a broad cul- tural overview and a variety of exhibitions, for example a large collection of marine in der Seefahrtshalle ausgestellt ist.

Naturrum Västervik

Do you want to learn more about animals and nature? Welcome to the Visitor Center in Västervik. The exhi- bition is focused on the sea and the archipelago and in the Visitor Center you will find aquariums with Baltic species. In the summer, there is an opportunity to par- ticipate in the Waterschool, where you can take a look below the water surface and become familiar with the Baltic species. In the Visitor Center you will also find current exhibitions about nature and environment.

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