The Local History Museum in Loftahammar

The Local History Museum was built in 1978, and its displays feature navigation and fishing. Its principal attraction is the market-boat Teresia, which formerly conveyed fish to market for sale. Complementing her are representative displays illustrating coastal culture and fishing techniques.

The association Loftahammars Hembygdsförening

Established 1947
Contact person Agnetha Andersson, tel. +46496-612 21
Address: Trägårdsmästarvägen 22, SE-590 95 Loftahammar.

1/7-5/8 Sundays 14.00-17.00
Wednesdays 18.00-20.00
Thursdays 14.00-17.00

Feature: The "markensbåt" (market boat) Teresia

Entrance free.
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Open year round
Paid admission
Free admission
Handicapped access
Guided tours: English, German, French
Catalogues: English, German, French
Open on seasonal basis
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